Lion Of Rora News And Reviews


Read about Pope Francis’ visit to a Waldensian church, the first ever by a Pope!

The Texas Library Association selects The Lion Of Rora for its 2017 Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List for grades 9-12!

The Library Journal says “The Lion Of Rora presents moments of history depicted with captivating art” and compared it to the award-winning Boxers And Saints.

Chosen as one of the 10 Best Books of August by Amazon’s Editors.

Comics Alliance names The Lion Of Rora the Best Historical Comic of 2015!

The Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards (Cybils) has selected The Lion Of Rora as a finalist in their 2015 Graphic Novel category!

The Village Voice calls The Lion Of Rora “a Braveheart-style true story” and picked it as a “graphic novel to watch out for at New York Comic Con!”

Publisher’s Weekly says “Well-researched and realized, the struggle of folk hero Janavel to save his people takes on the flavor of a Robin Hood adventure, without becoming too fantastical or unbelievable…such attention given to an off-the-beaten path moment from history is certainly welcome. Lewis’s art has historical detail with a clear storytelling style.”

No Flying No Tights says The Lion Of Rora is “an engaging and tauntly plotted story…I found myself flying through the pages…the storytellers effectively weave small details into the dialogue and art that helped me to get a sense of the historical context without  overpowering the narrative.”

The Graphic Novel Reporter named The Lion Of Rora a Graphic Novel Pick For Summer. Their review said, “The Gages’ most recent work together has been for Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil series, and their storytelling proves as compelling when focusing on a renegade populist hero of the 1600s as it does when focusing on the same in the fictional present day. The research here is earnest and attentive, the portrait of this people compassionate and compelling. Lewis’s illustration is equally excellent — the battle scenes in particular are breathtaking in their detail and scope, and the facial features of her characters are almost endlessly expressive.”

Diamond Distributors, the premier distributor of graphic novels, featured The Lion Of Rora on the cover of its August newsletter, and selected the book as one of their Recommended Titles For Young Adults (13+). Their site, Diamond Bookshelf, also has preview pages and a link to the H.O.T.S. Study Guide featured on this site. Their review by Dr. Katie Monnin calls it “one of the most noteworthy and significant historical inspirations to any people desiring to secure their freedom,” and contains a great deal of useful guidelines for Language Arts teachers.

The Geeksverse says, “Entertaining, informative, and frequently stirring, The Lion of Rora is a rare example of a war comic that is genuinely all-ages-appropriate: Both school-age and adult readers, regardless of their religious convictions (or lack thereof), should find it an accessible, basic introduction to one corner of the wide-ranging topic of 17th century European upheavals, as well as the interplay of politics and religion that shapes sectarian conflict.”

Comics In The Classroom says, “The Gages have crafted a fast paced interesting history book that I could not put down. Stories involving religion can put people off, but this book is about a group of people who want to be free and are forced to fight for that freedom. You do not have to be interested in any specific religious struggle or religion at all to enjoy The Lion of Rora.

I think the best thing I can say about the art is that while reading Rora I kept being reminded of another book, Joe Sacco’s The Great War, a 24 foot fold-out book depicting the first day of the Battle of the Somme. If you are not familiar with Sacco’s work, trust me, this is high praise.”

Manhattan Book Review calls The Lion Of Rora “an inspiring graphic novel about a little-known, but important, moment in the history of freedom… a dramatic graphic novel that personalizes the conflict, as well as the determination of the Waldensians to keep their lands and rights to worship. The drawings are realistic, conveying the emotion and pathos of the story, while the story itself explores the conflicting emotions, obligations, and loyalties these believers navigated.”

Broken Frontier says “Along with talented newcomer Jackie Lewis (Play Ball), the Gages construct a rousing, action-packed saga of the Waldensian revolution without sacrificing historical accuracy or character development. Featuring stunning artwork and a brisk pace, this easy-reading OGN pulls the veil back on this forgotten brutal conflict that provided the spark for religious reformation and revolutions in France and America.

If you’re a fan of Braveheart or 300 and like your historical fiction chock full of bloody battles and inspirational monologues, then this snapshot of a seminal moment in world history is a must-read for summer.”

Speak Geeky To Me says it’s “an amazing tale filled with unexpected action, strong moral points, and a wonderful bit of education on an often overlooked piece of history…comparable to some of the best pieces of historical fiction in film and literature.”

Paste Magazine says “Jackie Lewis orchestrates epic wartime feats in textured black and white…the most fun you’ll have while studying the Protestant Reformation.”

Topless Robot says “Janavel’s story is very compelling, and telling it in comic form lets you pick up so much detail in such an engrossing way…The Gages scatter so many little humanizing details about Janavel’s life and personality into the book that he’s an awesome character in a story, and an even more interesting historical figure.”

SFRevu calls The Lion Of Rora a rousing epic fit to stand alongside Sabatini and Dumas.”

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