Short H.O.T.S. Study Guide/Common Core Compatible (Downloadable)


3-Day Higher Order Thinking Skill Study Guide for The Lion of Rora

by Jeanene Burris


Given the difficulty of doing the full text justice in so short a time, this type of lesson is geared towards an intellectually gifted group. It would be done as an enhancement to a study focused on the Protestant Reformation.

On Day 1, the students would do an independent read of the novel, annotating any troublesome terms and phrases or items that they feel are important.

On Day 2,they would be divided into small groups to discuss those annotations, along with completing a group activity focused on the following:

  1. Create a plot summary.
  1. How does the protagonist change throughout the novel? Cite textual evidences.
  1. How/or does the protagonist’s change reflect the change in the Waldenses? Cite textual evidences. Are you familiar with this type of character evolution anywhere else in history?
  1. What words, phrases, or frames seem particularly important to the development of the story? List the reference in context and explain why you think it is important.
  1. Why did the author choose this genre, the graphic novel, to present the story? How did it enhance the story? Are there any drawbacks?
  1. Create a story of your own highlighting a persecuted group of people and the struggles they encounter to achieve liberty.

These questions done in small groups will take the whole second day.

Day 3 will be spent in a group discussion of these questions, along with each group sharing its liberation story.

DOWNLOAD The 3-Day Lion Of Rora Study Guide

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